Food Philosophy

With Fei we hope to open a gateway to the beauty of Chinese cuisine, a culinary tradition as great and powerful as any. Our quest is to bring those unaltered flavors of China to Scandinavia, and let you savor this ancient yet ever-changing modern dynamic cuisine. For that true China experience, we wish that you enjoy your meal just like in China, with an array of dishes of different flavors, textures, and temperatures, all shared with friends and family. Take a leap, spread your wings, and do as our name Fei states; fly!

Fei is a modern, ambitious restaurant with the goal of becoming the spearhead of Chinese cuisine in the Nordics. This is an eye-opener for those who want to enjoy an authentic Chinese dining experience, far beyond the ordinary. To create an authentic Chinese dining experience, a handpicked, award-winning chef team has been recruited. Head chef Guowei Zhou from Shandong Province in northern China is in charge of the kitchen. 

Cantonese cuisine is characterized by the celebration of the natural flavor of the ingredients. Here, they like to work with fish and shellfish, and gentle steaming is the main cooking method. In contrast, stands the colorful Sichuan cuisine, known for its intense flavors dominated by chili and Sichuan pepper. Finally in Zhejiang, south of Shanghai, there is a fondness for rice wine which gives the food a deep and sweet-sour character. Here, too, fish is often found as raw material and dumplings in all their forms.

Just as it should be in a Chinese restaurant, there are cold dishes that open the meal and soup to build the bridge over to the hot dishes that are the meal's highlight. Those who wish can also enjoy a set 10-course menu paired with tea, Shaoxing rice wine, and Baijiu - a shortcut straight into China's food and drink culture.

Sichuan cuisine

The food of Sichuan is the most dramatic of all Chinese cuisines. Mountains of dried chilies and mouth-numbing Sichuan peppers produce the flavor mala, numbing and spicy, the dominant features of this cuisine. However, don’t be intimidated, the enchanting complexity of compound flavors will have you sweating for more. 

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Zhejiang cuisine

Around the Yangtze River delta on China's east coast, a touch of sweetness lifts the mild aromas of the local dishes. The abundance of freshwater sources and ocean coast allows this region to excel in both freshwater fish and seafood. Soy sauce braised dishes and sweet floral flavors enchant the palate like the sparkling lights on the Shanghai skyline.

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Cantonese cuisine

This is the food of Hongkong and Guangdong provinces. Here the natural flavor of the ingredient is the hero. Championing the subtle aromas of the best produce is the key to Cantonese cooking's greatness. Cherishing gentle cooking techniques like steaming this cuisine is all about bringing out the essence of the food. 



Frank Zhou, head chef

Frank is originally from Shandong province which is famous for its Lu Cai 鲁菜, Shandong cuisine. After working at one of the top Yue Cai 粤菜 Cantonese restaurants called Lei Garden, he got hooked and became an expert in Cantonese cuisine. However, he also has very good knowledge of other cuisines, e.g. Sichuan and Shanghai. On the mainland, they mostly speak Mandarin but he has also learned to speak the Cantonese dialect as well, which is very different. In the meantime, he had, among others, Alan Tam as his regular customer, who has a status in the music world's Hong Kong on a par with Michael Jackson. Alan Tam is known in the Hong Kong music world as the Principal and because he liked Frank's dumplings so much they were named "Principal Dumplings"



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